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Our Colorado Roots

Three generations born and raised in CO

Animals have always been a huge part of our lives!! I grew up on a farm out in the eastern plains of Colorado with dogs, cats, horses, mules, donkeys, chickens, cows, goats and llamas. My wife, Nicole, grew up in McAurthur Ranch on several acres with horses, mini horses, chickens, dogs and cats. After we started our own family, we lived in an apartment for a year...and even then, we had our big Berners living with us in our little place!! After that we bought a home in Highlands Ranch CO, and lived there for almost 4 years. Recently we purchased a 5 acre property in Sedalia Colorado and now live there with our daughter Selah, our first son Shane, our second little man Silas, and our beautiful Berner mamas and daddys happily enjoying their spacious 2.5 acre fenced in space full of bushes trees and scrub-oak to rest and frolic under. 

Our Breeding Experience

15 years of whelping pups

I have been breeding dogs and caring for my own animals since 2007 when I bought my first female yellow lab, a Holstein milk cow, and 15 chickens. I bred labs for around 10 years and have now been a Berner owner and breeder for 6 years. I love both breeds of dog, but Bernese are without a doubt the most affectionate and loving dogs I've ever owned. I have 9 siblings (most of whom are younger than me) that spent large amounts of time with my dogs playing and socializing with them. My own three little children have now taken on that roll, and spend hours and hours with all of our litters playing with, holding, and cuddling them.

Nicole has been an animal lover since birth. She has been a loving friend and owner to 3 turtles, a cat, a dog, 7 horses, 2 parakeets, a bunny and 2 hamsters. To say she has a soft spot for pets would be a huge understatement. But nothing gets to her like the Berners do. Their beautiful coats, extremely expressive faces and eyebrows, and kind playful demeanor melt her heart again and again. They have been her faithful companions and guardians whenever I am away. 

If you are new to the breed, here are a few things that we love most about our Bernese Mountain Dogs. They're good learners with an incredibly strong desire to please. They're very tender to correction, but at the same time do really well with little kids tugging and pulling on them. Bernese are watchful and alert, but also very quick to trust and make new friends if their owners approve of the guest. They do well with lots and lots of space to roam, but do just fine in smaller spaces with plenty of play time and some nice walks. They are quick to learn potty training skills, and have natural instincts in this area to help them along in the learning process. They can be rather large, but both our mama and daddy dogs are averaged size. They do shed some, but it usually comes off in a way that is easy to clean up. A good brushing every week helps a lot if you want to keep them indoors. They get along well with all manner of pets, and will be faithful companions to all their family members. If you're looking for an adorable furry friend, look no further.

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