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Our Dams and Sires

Meet Our Puppies Parents


  • Ada is a sweet and loving dog that fits the bill of what crosses anyone's mind when they think of a Berner!! She's kind, affectionate, gentle with kids, and an ever present desire to be as close to people as possible. She has passed her OFA hip certifications with flying colors!!

  • Denali takes after her mama, Kya, who was our first dam but has recently been retired. Many of the puppies pictured in our gallery are Denali's siblings. She will be old enough to get her hips certified in August of 2023, but with her energy and activity level, we have little doubt she will pass with flying colors just like her mom and her dad (Oakley). Denali's temperament is fantastic. She's super playful, affectionate, full of energy and full of love for people!! 



  • Oakley is a sweet big bear that takes his time to trust new people, but really loves those that he knows!! He has sired many healthy litters with an average litter size of about 8 pups!!  

  • AKC DNA #V895235

  • OFA Number: OFA29F

  • Stud Services Available (see documents page for a sample stud services contract)

Oakley 2.webp
Oakley 3.webp
  • Dakota is a gentle giant, that is shaping up to be quite the physical specimen. He is not yet full grown, but is already our largest dog. He has one of the biggest hearts as well...wanting nothing more than to be around and receive love from his humans. Dakota is not yet old enough to have his hips certified, but has great genetics and should pass just fine when he turns 2 in June of 2024!! 

  • Stud Services Available (see documents page for a sample stud services contract)

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